Alarm Learning & Development Forum 2011

Alarm Learning & Development Forum 2011
'The inside track to managing risk'

You may notice that our annual conference has been re-branded this year as the “2011 Alarm Learning and Development Forum”. The Forum offers a wide range of educational sessions including workshops, talks and lectures aimed at the seasoned professional, as well as the newcomer to public risk management; a programme designed to support the professional development needs of individuals who are managing risk, at all levels and in every function within public service organisations.

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19 Jun 2011

14:30 Early Bird Registration
15:00 Plenary: How to be a Successful Facilitator
17:30 Alarm AGM
18:00 Chair's Welcome Drinks Reception

20 Jun 2011

08:00 Registration
08:30 Exhibition
08:30 Tea / Coffee
09:00 Alarm Welcome
09:15 Keynote Speaker
10:00 Exhibition Tea / Coffee
10:30 Session 1A - Master Class in Local Authority Litigation
10:30 Session 1C - Focused Service Continuity - What must be Assured
10:30 Session 1D - Collaboration - Shared Services - Value for Money
10:30 Session 1E - Building Effective Risk Management Teams Through Influencing, Motivating and Inspiring
10:30 Session 1F - Understanding and reducing the risk of housing fraud occurring in Local Authorities
10:30 Session 1G - Risk Management in a Time of Austerity
11:30 Exhibition
11:45 Session 2A - New World of Risk - Tough Choices
11:45 Session 2B - No Soft Touch for Fraud
11:45 Session 2C - Coronors Inquests - The Final Analysis
11:45 Session 2D - The Evolutionary Relationship between Housing and Human Rights
11:45 Session 2E- The Role of a Specialist Property Security Co-ordinator And The Links to Police and Fire
11:45 Session 2F - Proving your Worth in Challenging Times
11:45 Session 2G - Collaboration: One Year On, Realising Opportunities and Dealing with Threats
12:45 Delegates' Lunch
14:00 Session 3A - Business Continuity Exercise
14:00 Session 3B - Dealing with Uncertainties and Proactive Risk Management in Projects and Programs
14:00 Session 3C - Bribery, risk and reality: what are your exposures?
14:00 Session 3D - Play Up! Play Up! And Play the Game!
14:00 Session 3E - Let the Investigations Begin
14:00 Session 3F - Treasury Risk – Gambling with Real Cash
15:00 Exhibition, Tea / Coffee
15:30 Session 4A - Self-Insurance in the Age of Austerity – Threat or Opportunity
15:30 Session 4B - Exploring and Exploding the Myths of Ratings– the views of an ex rating agency employee
15:30 Session 4C - Don't Shoot the Messenger! - Making the most of the risk message
15:30 Session 4D - Nothing Ventured...
15:30 Session 4E - Lord Young’s review and implications for public bodies
15:30 Session 4F - Coroners Inquests - a practical guide to the evidence process
16:30 Exhibition/ Cheese and Wine
19:00 Pre Dinner Drinks
19:30 Alarm Annual Awards Dinner

21 Jun 2011

09:00 Registration / Exhibition / Tea and Coffee
09:30 Alarm Welcome
09:40 Keynote Speaker
10:25 Alarm Address
11:00 Exhibition and Tea/Coffee
11:30 Session 5A - Actuarial value in assessing risk: What can actuaries bring to the table?
11:30 Session 5B - Less Bureaucratic Risk Management
11:30 Session 5C - The Highways Claims Game
11:30 Session 5D - A Climate of Risk
11:30 Session 5E - Managing Opportunities – the other side of the coin to risk
11:30 Session 5F -The Cultural and Behavioural Challenges involved in Developing an Organisation's Risk M
11:30 Session 5G - Inside secrets of adjusting an insurance claim
12:30 Delegates' Lunch
13:30 Session 6A - The Modern Risk Manager - A Journey
13:30 Session 6B - Kill or Cure - Reputational Risk Management and Mitigation
13:30 Session 6C - How to be a Winner in Court
13:30 Session 6D - Reducing the Cost of Risk
14:30 Exhibition and Tea/Coffee
15:00 Session 7A - Breaking Down The Silos – Embedding Risk Within A Performance Management Framework Syst
15:00 Session 7B- Consent to Risk – An Examination of Liability Issues in Risky Sports Environments
15:00 Session 7C - Influencing in Times of Change
15:00 Session 7D - Are Risk Management & Organisational Learning New Best Friends?
16:00 Closing Address